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The Circle of Friends for American Veterans recently received a call from a veteran's family that they need emergency help to keep themselves in their house. They have been tied up with Freedom Mortgage Lenders and need help fast in order to keep the children in the house. 

Michelle, the wife, had been married to a veteran for 24 years before he left her and their two children behind, and was arrested for a year. He then hid his disability from her and their two children when she filed for a divorce. She has been working since this and has had to chose between feeding her family or paying her mortgage, which the husband has also stopped paying. He has not been providing financial support for the children, so the mother went to the Veterans' Administration to apply for hardship so she could keep her house while she looked for more work. 

THIS WAS TWO YEARS AGO, and she has heard nothing back from them. She now owes 18,000 on her house. She has raised some funds by herself, but still needs 12,000 or she will lose her house. 

The Circle of Friends has been working with her for quite a while and has been trying to slow down the process of foreclosure so we have more time to raise the funds for Michelle.

You can help! Anything that can be donated to this family would be a significant help to keep this family from becoming homeless.  Any amount helps!!!! Help this family get back on their feet! 

If there are any questions, please contact the organization for any new information, questions or concerns.

​Michelle's story