The Circle of Friends For American Veterans

The Circle of Friends for American Veterans

COFAV  is a 501-c(3) designated non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about veterans issues, particularly homeless veterans, by influencing public opinion to shape public policy.

Since 1993, The Circle of Friends for American Veterans has provided and continues to provide support for all veterans who deserve it the most, but have it the least, by organizing and holding nationwide rallies, conducting radio interviews, holding receptions with policymakers, supporting facilities that work with veterans and providing referral support for veterans in need.

Fighting To Put Vets First Since 1993

Brian A. Hampton enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1968 and served in Vietnam. He stayed active in the Army Reserve for over 22 years and became increasingly disenchanted with our government's treatment of veterans once they return home from fighting wars. Maj. Hampton started the Center For American Homeless Veterans as way to initiate lobbying to Congress on behalf of veterans. He is also publisher of the nationwide VETERANS’ VISION.